REVEB specsheet LS-In_2014v1
Best in class, high performance intelligent LED fixture, designed for use in all climate zones and suitable for usage in demanding and harsh conditions. Designed and produced in The Netherlands, to suit various applications within industry.

  • Intelligent dimming
  • Unique and programmable
  • Flexibility
  • Light normalizer
  • Status indicator
  • Easy Installation: Click & Lock

Intelligent dimming & Unique flexibility
Standard in the Luci Series luminaire:

  • Intelligent dimming
  • Unique and programmable flexibility
  • Easy Installation: Click & Lock (surface mounting plate)
  • Built-in smart technology:
    – Motion sensor
    – Daylight sensor
    – Status indicator, showing the actual status of the Luminaire >>read more
    – Luminaire Intelligent Protection System (LIPS)
    – Light Normalizer – No Lumen drop during lifetime (> 100.000 hrs)
  • Wirelessly Accessible & Controllable with the REVEB Control Pad
  • A wide range of optics is available for the ideal lighting solution for your facility by delivering exactly the right amount of light where needed

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)
REVEB provides the industry with an excellent flexible and intelligent lighting concept, delivering increased light levels, enhancing safety and productivity while saving significantly in energy and maintenance costs with the best possible CRI.
For the industry we work with the brightest, 4000K – true colour LED – with a CRI level of 85!..
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