Rest & Recreation Areas

Luci Series Silver
To highlight accents or to draw  attention in rest and recreation areas, it is very important to choose the right accent lighting. Highlighted areas emphasize details and colours, and make, for example, food look more attractive: you can do anything with LED!

  • LED lighting solutions are available for every budget
  • Different light colours to create a pleasant ambiance
  • Perfect replacement for traditional lighting spots

Energy savings
The Luci Series Silver LED spots not only offer ideal visual conditions, the energy savings are really high. Compared to conventional 2x26W CFL luminaires, the Luci Series Silver LED spots save up to 80%.

Long life span
The lifespan of a Luci Series Silver LED spot is very long! It easily performs well over 70.000 hours. This means the Luci Series Silver LED spot has a lifespan of over 8 years! This is based on 24 hours of use, day or night, 365 days a year.

Quick and easy installation
The Luci Series Silver is easy to install in new or retrofit situations. And just forget about maintenance!

  • Suitable for situations where a true colour is vital (CRI 95)
  • Highest efficiency

Built-in optical management system delivers highly consistent light quality

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